Saturday, April 15, 2006



E 2 11 KV Incoming -1
E 3 11 KV Incoming -2
E4 11 KV Bus Coupler
E5 Station Transformer. 1
E6 11 KV Industrial Feeder
E7 11 KV Sazad Feeder
E8 11 KV Pamal Feeder
E9 11 KV Jhameri Feeder
E10 11 KV Midland Feeder
E11 Station Transformer. 2
E12 1 KV Lalton Feeder
E13 11 KV Chhokran Feeder
E14 11 KV Dad Feeder
E15 11 KV Thakarwal Feeder
E16 11 KV New Pamal Feeder 3 wire 3 phase
All 11 kV circuit breakers are Vacuum Circuit Breakers. VCBs for all outgoing feeders are ABB make, for Incomer -1 is Alstom make, for Incomer-2 is Megawin make and for Bus Coupler is BIECO make.
On each outgoing panel there is ABB make 2 OC, 1 EF ICM 21 N Relay and Alstom make Sensitive EF CTUM Relay.
On each incoming panel there is one Alstom make 3 OC (inverse) CDG Relay, one Alstom make 1 EF (inverse) CDG Relay and one Eng. Elec. make 1 Instantaneous EF CAG Relay.
On Bus Coupler there are Alstom make 3 OC (inverse) CDG Relay, 1 EF (inverse) CDG Relay and Sensitive EF CTUM Relay.

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