Saturday, April 08, 2006



Bay No.
A1. 220/66 kV 100MVA Transformer No.4
A2. 220/66 kV 100MVA Transformer No.5
A3. 220 kV Bus Coupler
A4. 220 kV Lalton-Dhandari Ckt 1
A5. 220 kV Lalton-Dhandari Ckt 2
A6. 220 kV Lalton-Malerkotla line
A7. 220 kV Lalton-Jagraon Ckt 2
A8. 220 kV Lalton-Jagraon Ckt 1
A10. 220 kV Lalton-Sahnewal Ckt 2
A11. 220 kV Lalton-Sahnewal Ckt 1
A12. 220 kV Lalton-Humbran Ckt 1
A13. 220 kV Lalton-Humbran Ckt 2

220 kV Breakers For Humbran Ckt-1 and 2 are ABB make SF6 type.
All other breakers are HBB (ABB) make Air Blast type .

220 kV Line Panels and protection

This Blog is good but if it consists all the substation details of the state they it is useful to circulate same within the Punjab state electricity board. And everyone can access the information through common site
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