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Great Task Master
Col. B. C. Battye
Creater of Shanan Power House,1932

Saturday, April 15, 2006



E 2 11 KV Incoming -1
E 3 11 KV Incoming -2
E4 11 KV Bus Coupler
E5 Station Transformer. 1
E6 11 KV Industrial Feeder
E7 11 KV Sazad Feeder
E8 11 KV Pamal Feeder
E9 11 KV Jhameri Feeder
E10 11 KV Midland Feeder
E11 Station Transformer. 2
E12 1 KV Lalton Feeder
E13 11 KV Chhokran Feeder
E14 11 KV Dad Feeder
E15 11 KV Thakarwal Feeder
E16 11 KV New Pamal Feeder 3 wire 3 phase
All 11 kV circuit breakers are Vacuum Circuit Breakers. VCBs for all outgoing feeders are ABB make, for Incomer -1 is Alstom make, for Incomer-2 is Megawin make and for Bus Coupler is BIECO make.
On each outgoing panel there is ABB make 2 OC, 1 EF ICM 21 N Relay and Alstom make Sensitive EF CTUM Relay.
On each incoming panel there is one Alstom make 3 OC (inverse) CDG Relay, one Alstom make 1 EF (inverse) CDG Relay and one Eng. Elec. make 1 Instantaneous EF CAG Relay.
On Bus Coupler there are Alstom make 3 OC (inverse) CDG Relay, 1 EF (inverse) CDG Relay and Sensitive EF CTUM Relay.

Saturday, April 08, 2006



Bay No
C1. 66 kV Capacitor Bank
C2. 66/11 kV 12.5 MVA Transformer No.2
C3. 66/11 kV 10/12.5 MVA Transformer No.3
C4. 66 kV Lalton-Ferozpur Rd. . Ludhiana
C5. 66 kV Lalton-Gill Rd ckt-2
C7. 66 kV Lalton-Gill Rd ckt-1
C8. 66 kV Lalton-Giaspura line
C9. 66 kV Bus Coupler
C11. 66 kV Lalton-Narangwal line
C12. 66 kV Lalton-Nahar export
66kV Line Panels and protection



Bay No.
A1. 220/66 kV 100MVA Transformer No.4
A2. 220/66 kV 100MVA Transformer No.5
A3. 220 kV Bus Coupler
A4. 220 kV Lalton-Dhandari Ckt 1
A5. 220 kV Lalton-Dhandari Ckt 2
A6. 220 kV Lalton-Malerkotla line
A7. 220 kV Lalton-Jagraon Ckt 2
A8. 220 kV Lalton-Jagraon Ckt 1
A10. 220 kV Lalton-Sahnewal Ckt 2
A11. 220 kV Lalton-Sahnewal Ckt 1
A12. 220 kV Lalton-Humbran Ckt 1
A13. 220 kV Lalton-Humbran Ckt 2

220 kV Breakers For Humbran Ckt-1 and 2 are ABB make SF6 type.
All other breakers are HBB (ABB) make Air Blast type .

220 kV Line Panels and protection


Inter Connections

The interconnection of 220 KV Grid Substations
220 KV Lalton Kalan-Jagraon Ckt No. I & II.
220 KV Lalton Kalan- Sahnewal Ckt. No. I & II.
220 KV Lalton Kalan-Dhandari Ckt. No. I & II.
220 KV Lalton Kalan-Humbran Ckt. No. I & II.
220 KV Lalton Kalan-Malerkotla.

The interconnection of 66 KV Grid Substations
Lalton Kalan-Gill Road Ckt No. I & II.
Lalton Kalan-Ferozpur Road
Lalton Kalan-Giaspura



DC Battery and Charger

Make: Exide, Capacity: 300 AH at 27°
No. of Cells: 110 No. , Date of installation: 06/2004

Make: Universal, Sr. No. : BC 1020/82
Date of installation: 1983

Input Rating : Voltage: 415 V + 10 %
Frequency: 50 Hz. 3 Phase
Output Rating :
Float: 220 V,10 Amp
Boost:180 V, 30Amp

Sunday, April 02, 2006



---Voltage Make Capacity YOM Amp.Cap Max.Load reco.
T-5 220/66 -BHEL -100 MVA 1981 - 262.4/874.8--250A
T-4 220/66 -BHEL -100 MVA 1981 - 262.4/874.8--250A
T-3 66/11 ---ECE ---10/12.5 1986 -- 109.3 /656 -- 98A
T-2 66/11 ---Kirlo. --12.5 MVA 1998 - 109.3/656 --72A
Stn-1 11/.4 --APES --.2 MVA 1980 ---10.5/278.30 -10A
Stn-2 11/.4 --APES --.2 MVA 1980 ---10.5/278.30 -10A

Panels and Protection


Feeling good at Sub Stn.


Reuse of scrap Material


Key Diagram

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Photo Gallery

On Republic Day of 2005, after hoisting the National Flag, all the employees working at 220 kV sub station, Lalton Kalan declared to make it the best maintained sub station. The photo of this event is displayed in at the main enterance. On the same day, the loby of the control room was converted into a photo gallery. Nine number framed prints of the photos of size 2 x 1.5' are displayed. Some poetry pieces are also displayed. Mr. Ganga Parsad, the junior most employeeinaugrated this gallery in the presence of Er. M. S. Bajwa then Dy. Chief Engineer P&M, PSEB Ludhiana.


66 kV Capacitor Bank

There are four Banks with following detail


Important Jobs executed during 2005-06

In addition to routine maintenance / house keeping and attending the faults indicated by Sr. Xen Protection, Ludhiana and Sr. Xen Hot Line, Ludhiana following important jobs were executed during 15 months: -

Old BHEL make MOCB on 66 kV side of 100 MVA power transformer T-5 replaced with new ABB make SF6 breaker. (Jan 05)

Above dismantled breaker was installed in place of non-workable and irreparable breaker of 66 kV bus coupler. (Jan 05)

Established photo gallery in the lobby of control room. (Jan 05)

17 no. damaged units of 66 kV capacitor bank-IV were replaced. (Jan 05)

Face lifting of main entrance of the sub station. (Feb 05)

Plantation of ornamental plants and trees. (Feb 05)

Over hauling of ABB make SF6 breaker controlling capacitor bank. (Mar 05)

A dejected plot in the sub station was converted into lush green beautiful Park. (Apr 05)

Old and defective contacts and blades of bus isolators of 66 kV Gill Road circuit–1 were replaced with new one. (May 05)

6 no. 400-200/5-5 A CTs of both 11 kV station transformers were de-augmented with 30/5-5 A CTs. (Jun 05)

Plantation of 40 no. fruit trees in the sub station. (Jul 05)

The damaged Y-phase CT 800-400/1-1-1-1-1A on 220 kV Jagraon circuit-1 was replaced. (Aug 05)

New ABB make 11 kV panel for new out going feeder was installed and commissioned. (Sep 05)

All illiterate workers were taught to do their signatures.

Metallic roads in the complex were repaired with pre-mix. (Nov 05)

HV side defective neutral CT of 100 MVA power Transformer T-5 was replaced. (Dec 05)

New EMRs as per ISO were prepared, printed and introduced. A brochure containing all the information relating to the substation was prepared and was quality printed in triplicate. One copy was submitted to the SE/P&M, Ludhiana and the other to the Sr. Xen P&M, Lalton Kalan. (Dec 05)

LV side defective R-phase LA of 100 MVA power Transformer T-5 was replaced. (Jan 06)

Old BHEL make MOCB on 66 kV side of 12.5 MVA power transformer T-2 replaced with new ABB make SF6 breaker. (Jan 06)

Old BHEL make MOCB on 66 kV side of 10-12.5 MVA power transformer T-3 replaced with new ABB make SF6 breaker. (Jan 06)

All 3 PTs on 66 kV bus bar-I were replaced due to low accuracy class. (Jan 06)

All 3 PTs on 66 kV bus bar-II were replaced due to low accuracy class. (Jan 06)

Plantation of 50 no. fruit trees in the sub station. (Feb 06)

Cleaning and gray painting on all 66 kV rusty structures. (Mar 06)

Neutral bush of power transformer T-3 replaced due to hair crack and oil seepage. (Mar 06)

Friday, March 31, 2006



All four no. Power Transformers and structures of 66 KV Yard need to be pain

4 Nos BD and 4 Nos UD 66 KV Energy meters with ratio 800/1A are required.

28 Nos cooling fans for 100 MVA Power Transformers T-4 & T-5 are required because existing cooling fans have been repaired so many times.

8 Nos cooling fans for 10/12.5 MVA Power Transformer T-3 are required because existing cooling fans have been repaired so many times.

Some 220 kV and 66 kV CTs need replacement due to the absence of metering cores / high tan delta value / low fault level rating of the CTs.

A CDB Double Bus Bar of 14 Ckt. with bus coupler is required because existing one is very old and switches are very defective.

HT side bushing of Y phase of Power Transformer T-4 needs replacement due to high Tan Delta value.

LV side bushings of R & B phases of Power Transformer T-5 need replacement due to high Tan Delta values.

Some sections of steel net fencing of sub station are damaged which need replacement.

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